Space Descriptions

First Floor Resources

The main floor has the following rooms:

  • Kitchen: Refrigerator, microwaves, oven, dishwasher, coffee pots, some baking and serving pieces, table for 4. 
  • Lounge with TV: Doubles as a meeting room. Has a television and seating that can be rearranged to seat 4-12.
  • Main Living Room: Comfortable couches and chairs that seats 10-12.
  • Sunroom: Has tables and chairs that seats 8.  
  • Computer Room: Three computers available to students and also a printer that you may bring your own paper.  
  • Restroom: The main floor also has an accessible restroom.

Second Floor Resources

The second floor of the Sloss House is not accessible for those unable to climb stairs, but we are happy to move services and information to the main floor. Please contact the Sloss Center prior to arriving so we can ensure that we can meet your needs.

The second floor has the following rooms:

  • Staff Offices: The Director, Assistant Director, Equity and Social Justice Coordinators can answer questions about the Sloss Center.
  • Restroom