a collage style graphic with two line drawings of figures, a radio, and a paintbrush on top of a mostly white background with swirls of purple, pink, and orange. Surrounding the graphic is informative text for ARTiculations the interview series on KHOI radio about local women and non-binary artists.


An interview series focusing on the contributions of local women and non-binary artists. 

The third volume of interviews in the series features Catherine Reinhart, Sasha Phillips, Jo Allen, and Tashina Azure. The interviews will air on KHOI Radio, 89.1 FM on Mondays at 4pm throughout March for local listeners. Not local? Listen live at 

This program is hosted by Nancy Gebhart as a collaboration between the Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity and KHOI Community Radio.


Revisit the March 2022 interviews featuring artists Jamie Malone, Kristin Roach, Sara Merritt, and Helen Barton. 

Revisit the October 2022 interviews featuring artists Charlie Esker, Vivian M. Cook, Sang Lee, Zoë Fay-Stindt, and Tanvi Rastogi.

The interview series is recorded at the KHOI studios with Mike Murphy and edited by Rosie Rowe. 


Featured Artists 

A color photographic portrait from the waist up of the artist, Catherine Reinhart. Catherine has chin length curly brown hair and wears a beige sleeveless top. She is looking directly at the camera with a subtle smile forming on her lips.


Catherine Reinhart

Catherine Reinhart (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist from Ames, IA. Reinhart creates fiber work and conducts social practice with abandoned textiles around themes of labor, connection, and care. She received her MFA - Textiles from the University of Kansas and a BFA - Integrated Studio Arts at Iowa State University. Reinhart exhibits locally, nationally, and internationally. She has exhibited at the Department of Land Economy, Cambridge University and Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge, UK, and the Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS. Reinhart has been selected as a presenter at the “Mending and Making Workshop” organized by the Endangered Material Knowledge Programme at the British Museum.

Her works are in collections at the University of Mississippi and Kyoto Keika University, Kyoto, Japan. Reinhart is the recipient of numerous grants and residencies, including the Iowa Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, and Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts. Reinhart was recently honored as a 2020 Iowa Artist Fellow, a 2021 Terrain Exhibitions Artist-in-Residence in Springfield, IL, a recipient of the Alex Brown Foundation’s Artist-in-Residence in Des Moines, IA (2022), and an Artist-in-Residence at the West Cork Arts Center in Ireland (2023/2024).

Catherine's interview will air on March 6, 2023 at 4 pm CST. 

The artist, Sasha Phillips, is shown from the shoulders up wearing a black top and layered silver necklaces. They are looking directly at the camera with a subtle smile in their eyes and on their lips, which are covered with black lipstick.







Sasha Phillips

Sasha Phillips (they/them) is a Disabled Queer Artist living in Iowa. They were trained in traditional art mediums under Painter Dixie Schwisher and continued to pursue art on their own over the next 20 years. Currently focusing on the mediums of oil, ink and graphite, they prefer a surrealist approach to art, exploring how nature, the macabre, and the fantastic can tell stories about the human experiences of grief, joy, and reinvention.

Sasha's interview will air on March 13, 2023 at 4 pm CST. 

The artist, Sang Lee, sits with her arms crossed across the back of the chair while looking at the camera


Jo Allen


24-year-old Des Moines native Jo Allen (they/them) offers a platform showcasing all humans. Jo Allen's main focus is to create a safe space where LGBTQIA+ and bipoc members feel accepted and loved for who they are. They use a mix of film and digital photography to create a story worth telling. Their passion for visibility and representation is what allows them to create magic behind the lens. Jo hopes to continue a career in activism and start a non-profit to bring more visibility to young, local artists. 


Jo's interview will air on March 20, 2023 at 4 pm CST. 


Photo by Anthony Arroyo 



The artist, Tashina Azure, is shown sitting at a table with a black table cloth. She has long dark hair pulled bag and is smiling. To her right is a framed photograph of her art. In front of her is a placard that says "the ones who know how to draw"


Tashina Azure

Tashina Azure (she/her) was born and partially raised in Davenport, Iowa by Rowena Azure-Vega's mother and artist, and Roberto Vega, Dad. She lived with them until the age of 13 when she moved to live with her other parents Janan Mohler, Mom, and Kurt Mohler, Dad of Divernon, Illinois. Currently, she resides with her husband Britt Azure-Mitchell Jr., her two sons Hepan and Ittibi, her two daughters Cora & Dorothy, and her dog Makia. They live near her ancestral tribal lands of the Meskwaki Nation.

Her photography started over 20 years ago. She is inspired from many different avenues but mostly by the people around her. Before each session she likes to decompress by staring at a blank wall or going for a long drive; her creative process starts there and ends as a beautiful story hanging on your wall. If you ask her what her life’s purpose is she will tell you family, making an impact on the younger generation, and her art.   

Tashina's interview will air on March 27, 2023 at 4 pm CST.