LAS Global Seminar in Berlin



Berlin's Erased Histories in Film, Art, and Memorials

International Studies 395, 3 credit hours

July 2-23, 2022

Program Directors and Co-Instructors:

Dr. Sandra Marcu:

Rosie Rowe:




Berlin: Study Abroad July 2022

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July 2-23, 2022

Meets International Perspective, Arts and Humanities, and International Studies major credit.

Instructed on site in Berlin, Germany



Program directors & co-instructors:

Dr. Sandra Marcu, Director, Faculty in Women's and Gender Studies

Rosie Rowe, Audiovisual and Film Preservation Specialist, University Library



Course description:

This course focuses on the history of Berlin and broader Europe from 1930-present. The course uses material and visual culture such as film, art, memorials, museums, and archives to ask questions of Berlin’s past and present in regard to cultures of power and dissent. How was Berlin and Europe shaped by the fascist regime of the early 20th century and the later division of the country during Soviet and Allied occupation? How did these periods impact the formation of a national identity and how do they continue to shape Germany today? Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the stories and experiences of marginalized identities and the formation of resistance movements using film and art as mediums. The course is open to all majors and meets International Studies major requirements as well as International Perspective and Humanities requirements.


Course Objectives:

The course is designed to introduce students to the history and present of Berlin, as well as a broader European culture, with a focus on the formation of a national identity as a result of conflict and social change. The course introduces theories such as critical race theory, gender and queer theory, visual analysis, and rhetoric to explore how mainstream cultures as well as underrepresented groups and people experience and represent their identities through film, art, and memorials. Learning materials include sites of cultural significance such as museums, archives, memorials, historical sites, art, film, and information centers in Berlin, Germany.



Program fees for 2022 are estimated at $2,000 per participant, which includes lodging, one meal per day, entrance costs to museums and archives, transportation on site, and tours. 

Additional costs: $250 for LAS tuition, airfare, spending money.



Registration for the 2022 Berlin Global Seminar will open in Fall 2021. APPLY here.



For program questions, please contact the program directors.