Feminist Scholarship Collective writing meetup text with a large pencil in the background. Sloss Center creative space logo of a pencil clutched in a fist.


Weekly Writing Support Group

 at the Sloss House 

(Virtual in 2020-21)


Feminist Scholarship Collective



Mission: The mission of the Feminist Scholarship Collective is to support the research and writing goals of Iowa State faculty, graduate students, and staff who are engaged in feminist scholarship through dedicated writing sessions, peer feedback, and horizontal mentorship.


About: The Feminist Scholarship Collective is a welcoming group for Iowa State scholars who are working on writing projects that fall under the realm of feminist scholarship. The group welcomes writers from any discipline engaged in scholarship that emphasizes feminist approaches and/or approaches drawn from gender and sexuality studies, critical race and ethnic studies, cultural studies, disability studies, and/or related areas of scholarship. The Collective hosts weekly writing sessions at the Sloss Center. These are times when members can gather, engage in focused writing time, and give and receive feedback on writing projects.


Writing Meetup sample format using Thursdays as an example:

9:00-9:10: Participants will briefly share their goals for the writing session

9:10-11:00: Individual focused writing time

11:00: Participants are welcome to stay after the writing session ends to discuss their progress, goals, and future research plans.


Purpose: By supporting the research and writing goals of participants through a unique support system that will facilitate the production and publication of high quality feminist research, the Feminist Scholarship Collective will fulfill Iowa State’s Mission to “create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place” and the Sloss Center’s mission of “supporting gender equity and achievement toward intellectual, professional, and personal goals of members of the Iowa State community and beyond.”