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Looking to join in a monthly discussion or looking for help starting something new. Contact the Sloss Center for more information on Gender Equity Initiatives Discussions on Gender.

Discussions on Gender is a monthly community for those that have some experience or previous education in gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity but would like the opportunity to learn more through discussion with others.


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LAS Global Seminar in Berlin

 feminist friday logo of a fist raised in solidarity and protest with a microphone and the text repeating in the background: Feminist Friday, Fall 2021, Mark your calendars


Berlin's Erased Histories in Film, Art, and Memorials

International Studies 395, 3 credit hours

 July 2-23, 2022. 

Applications Open Fall 2021

This course focuses on the history of Berlin and broader Europe from 1930-present. The course uses material and visual culture such as film, art, memorials, museums, and archives to ask questions of Berlin’s past and present in regard to cultures of power and dissent. Learning materials include sites of cultural significance such as museums, archives, memorials, historical sites, art, film, and information centers in Berlin, Germany.