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photo of the Sloss Center Staff from fall of 2021, smiling and seated on the couch in the Sloss House front room.

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As the Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity, we define feminism as a movement which aims to ensure that people of all genders have access to what they need to be successful as well their need for community. It is also a response to masculine-centered society, often referred to as the patriarchy. To us feminism is social justice work and it is about making the world better for everyone, this is a goal we will continue to work towards. We use this definition to inform our people-forward programs at Sloss, however, we do not dictate what programs we will use. Instead, we ask the community what they need and then work to fulfill that. As a center, we work with other campus partners and organizations to support and share our lens of feminism. Sometimes we have room to create programs other campus partners might not be able to. Overall, the goals of the Sloss Center and our campus partners are the same; we are all working to create positive experiences for students. Dear Margaret Response October 15, 2019