Our staff is motivated by the shared belief that everyone deserves dignity, access to resources, a path to education, and the agency to decide how to live well. We strive to reduce barriers that stand in the way of these ideals. We work in collaboration with campus partners, community organizers, and student leaders who inspire us daily. 

Our theme for the 2022-2023 year, informed by the deep impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and national and global human rights crises, is: community support and mutual aid as feminist practice. This informs our work, our programs and events, our resource creation, our coalition building, and the way we set up the Sloss House as a community space.

Learn more about our staff and please reach out and connect with us:


Ruxandra Marcu, PhD



Email: marcu@iastate.edu 

Phone: 515-294-4154

Location: 202 Sloss House



Photo of Andra Castle

Jehan Faisal

Assistant Director


Email: jfaisal@iastate.edu

Phone: 515-294-4154

Location: 203B Sloss House


Sabrina Gloria 

Administrative Assistant 


Email: slgloria@iastate

Phone: 515-294-4154

Location: Sloss House, 203A


Photo of Nancy

Nancy Gebhart

Graduate Assistant


Email: nancyg@iastate.edu

Phone: 515-294-4154

Location: Sloss House, 205


Photo of Alaá Kayed sitting on a bench outdoors

Alaá Kayed 

Graduate Assistant


Email: akayed@iastate.edu

Phone: 515-294-4154

Location: Sloss House, 201


Madison Mason

PR and Communciations Intern


Email: mamason@iastate.edu

Phone: 515-294-4154

Location: Sloss House, 205

Sahira Garcia

Staff Liaison to Sloss Center, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs


Email: sahirag@iastate

Phone: 515-294-6338

Location: Multicultural Student Affairs

2080 Student Services Building